Focused & Full-Body Massage in Truro

Escape Beauty Salon in Truro is a sanctuary, providing a space for you to relax, indulge and feel good. Our massage treatments are designed to enhance and execute this specifically, promoting an investment in physical and emotional health for everyone. Known for their healing properties, massages benefit by reducing stress, enhancing circulation, reducing muscle soreness and improving flexibility. Promoting serenity is our first and foremost priority, aiming to offer an environment where you feel able to truly take time for yourself. We strive for our service to be personal, fostering a sense of renewal that’s based on your needs, wellness and mental growth.

Our Healing Therapy Massage in Truro

In line with our rooms, our massages are themed around travel, inputting ideas of escapism and journeying to enhance our incentive to make you feel renewed:

  • Swedish Massage: Focusing on the back, neck and shoulders for intricate muscle relief.
  • Head to India: Soothing and solution-based massage to aid the shoulders, neck and head.
  • Coral Massage: A one-hour treatment tailored to your main areas of tension.
  • Mexico Hot Stones: Designed to refresh and renew, instilling deep relaxation at the core.
  • The Perfect Escape: A premium hot stone technique to deliver a feeling of calm and restoration.

Our Salon

The design of our salon reveals much about our company values, relaying our vision to work consciously, artfully and creatively within our equally original themed rooms:

  • Rainforest: A calming focus space, where an aromatic and herbal atmosphere enhances the effect of the treatment you have chosen to have.
  • Africa: A calming yet vibrant bespoke backdrop for our luxurious massages, facials and more.
  • Island: Our indoor retreat, with prominent light and neutral, coastal-like decor, set up to be used for all our services.

All of our bespoke rooms can be used for any treatment, giving you the flexibility to tailor your experience to suit you.

Book A Therapeutic Massage in Truro

For us, it’s crucial that we take the time to focus on you, attentively acting on your personal needs. Our credited customer care is our pride, and we prioritise your massage requirements to ensure sensitivity to you and your personal well-being. Relax with us in our bespoke designer treatment rooms and indulge in a tailored massage to suit your needs here in Truro.