Waxing at Our Luxury Beauticians in Truro

Waxing is our expertise. Whether it’s a brow, eyebrow or facial wax, we deliver treatments in Truro that adhere to expert levels of professionalism, providing smooth and long-lasting solutions to unwanted hair. We prioritise your experience, dedicating ourselves to instilling a relaxing and comfortable environment. With us, your treatment session will feel personal for the duration, conducted with care and control to leave you feeling rejuvenated. We use high-quality products to enhance our high-quality skillset, embedding our process with luxury. We want you to feel accommodated when you’re with us, and impacted by our considered service.

Our Waxing Packages & Treatment Types

We offer a variety of packages to cater to everyone, tailored to specific areas of the body:

  • Eyebrow Wax: Refined and precise to subtly reshape.
  • Facial Wax: Focusing on the full face, or on the lip, chin or sides specifically.
  • Bikini Line Wax: Quick and efficient for a hassle-free customised solution.
  • Underarm Wax: Enacted with care to target the sensitive area.
  • Leg Wax: Half-leg or full-leg hair removal to leave skin feeling even and soft.
  • Chest Wax: Thorough and effective for complete elimination.
  • Back Wax: Area-specific application to cover the skin’s surface.

Our Specialist Salon for Waxing in Truro

Our reputation as a premium beauty salon in Truro advocates for our vision, validated by client feedback, customer satisfaction and local ratings. Our themed interior sets us apart, making your visit a visit with a difference. Our three floors are decorated around the idea of creating a distinguished backdrop to your salon treatment. We value creativity, instilling it into our environment, our work ethic and the service we provide. Our bespoke offer is designed to give you an experience that you can luxuriate in, extending your waxing session to include atmospheric ambience and aura.

Book Your Truro Waxing Session With Us

Our on-site waxing provides a treatment service that’s sensitive to your needs, your skin type and your expectations. We pride ourselves on being attentive and responding to your requests efficiently, supportively and reliably, catering to all. During your visit, we aim to care for you within and outside of your focus session, welcoming you on arrival to our artful and distinguished salon. Make a booking with us for skilled wax that’s delivered with specialised awareness of your skin development and your well-being.